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Jan 3, 2013 11:00pm PST
for my own party, norman. i gotta go. you're gonna have to meet me there. ok. you're not gonna wear that tie, are you? not one of my favorites. don't forget to put the seat down. [horn honking] [honking] [tires squealing] jeez, lady! [speaking indistinctly] in the middle of the final... excuse me, miss? yes? excuse me. oh, wait. hold on one second. [no audio] all right, i'm back. no, go on. and as i was saying... the principal's office called. yeah--plagiarism. [laughs] yeah, well, i was in the middle of closing on the ocean park 5-bedroom... and i'm telling you, if i lose that commission, it is coming out of his college fund. aah! [tires screeching] [horn honking] [tires screeching] [horns honking] [the kinks' a well respected man plays] ♪ and he comes back home at 5:30 ♪ ♪ gets the same train every time ♪ ♪ and he's, oh, so od ♪ ♪ and he's, oh, so kind ♪ ♪ and he's, oh, so healthy ♪ ♪ in his body and his mind ♪ he's a well-respected man about town ♪ ♪ doing the best things so conservatively ♪ ♪ and his mother goes to meetings ♪ ♪ while his fathe
Jan 14, 2013 9:00pm PST
, supervisor norman yee. >> supervisor yee: thank you president chiu. i'm not taking the opportunity to congratulate my colleagues who won the election this time around. and also want to congratulate supervisor breed for your very hard-fought battle of the campaign. i also want to acknowledge that by the way - us lions will rule this chamber. both supervisor breed and myself are graduates of galileo. better be careful. i want to first introduce my family. i introduce a lot of people last night, over 600 people that showed up at my victory dinner. they said, can you please not do that today because i went on and on. it is important for me to always acknowledge my family. they are the heart and soul of why i exist and why want to do the things that i want to do. they keep me going. they keep me honest. they make sure you don't get too big of a head thinking that i'm so important or something. they have gone through three campaigns with me. this last one was for board of supervisors but i went through two citywide campaigns, running for the school board. without them i would automate them.
Jan 14, 2013 7:30pm PST
on a historic day; not only have we been sworn in, norman breed, (correction) norman yee london breed. i would like to nominate -- in terms of leadership that transcends race and class, the kind of leadership that we need when we think about the direction san francisco should be going out. i enthusiastically put forth her naked be and i hope that you will consider it. >> supervisor wiener. >> supervisor wiener: congratulations to my new colleagues and returning colleagues. i would like to congratulate supervisor yee for knocking me off as the last on the roll call. i'm still the tallest. i want to thank my colleagues who were willing to support me as a potential board member and i want to thank the many, many people in the community over the past number of months who have approached me. i am deeply appreciative and humbled by those and by that support. i have asked not to be nominated for the board presidency and i would like to second the nomination of david chiu for reelection as president of the board of supervisors. over the past two years that i have been on the board i have seen
Jan 15, 2013 2:00pm PST
school board president, norman yee and others have successfully brought the school district to a stronger financial state. they have achieved a perfect score in the recent audit; never before has any governmental agency seen that. it's a good testament to the work that the former president of the school board jay kim and our colleague norman yee have done. also the sfusd action plan to presented the plan at the previous financial meeting showed that it was money wisely spent. hundreds of students in danger of not graduating. when the school district passed it edg requirements and 2009, the state budget cuts after that really jeopardize a lot of the great work done by the school district. hopefully with a better budget season we will be able to get back on track so that as many students as possible graduate. this is absolutely crucial that we support this. it's a crisis of horrible magnitude if we do not supported in many students will not get their diplomas. i am strongly supportive and i want to thank supervisor kim and many of the parents and school leaders as well. >> presiden
Jan 29, 2013 11:00am PST
commissioners london bree and norman yee. i look forward to working with you. please call item 2. >> this is an action item. >> before we act on this item i would like to open any public comment, any member of the public who would like to speak on item two come forward. seeing none public comment is closed. madam clerk if you can do a roll call. >> (roll call) the item passes. >> chairman: i'm wondering is legally a member of the commission is allowed to abstain; i assume there is no problem with that. proceed. >> the item passes. >> thank you very much. if you can please call item number 3. chair's report. >> chair: welcome to the new calendar year i have brief remarks given that it's only been a month since we had our meeting and we just started this legislative session. as noted earlier we have two newly elected members of the commission. again welcome commissioners london breed and norman yee to the first meeting. with the presidential election behind us it is fair to see that we will see more of a focus on transportation. i think it is also fair to say that there continues to be perhaps
Jan 18, 2013 7:00pm EST
why they got the big invite. >> reporter: it's a quiet afternoon of video games at the norman house, but pretty soon they'll be packing for a big trip. >> i'm going to the white house. >> reporter: what are you going to do at the white house? >> i'm going to see the whole house and everything. >> reporter: nathan and his family will be guests at president obama's inauguration ceremony. a member of the secret service invited them. >> it was just amazing. we asked like are you serious and he said absolutely. >> reporter: in the last few months the normans have met hundreds of public safety workers from all over the world. they've been coming to encourage nathan during his battle with cancer. >> nathan's big thing the first time the secret service came out to visit him was how can they come out to see me if it's supposed to be a secret? >> reporter: it's no secret now. they're excited about next week's event. >> monday we're supposed to be picked up by the secret service. we'll be with them the entire time. that's going to be a real treat for the kids because they love asking them all
Jan 14, 2013 3:00pm PST
, tremendous significant community and cultural experience. my colleague norman yee, to london breed, working with families and cultural equity in our neighborhoods. i am proud to be serving with our two new members. my family is with me today, i am the happiest person maybe on this earth; i am beaming because my daughter jane mar has taken time to be away from her middle school to be hearing thank you to my mother for raising me and my twin brother gordon, and my three other siblings not only in sacramento where we grew up and also wherever we are. by the way gordon also has led the chinese regressive association for decades and now is the nature, community worker alliance. my sister candy and her husband ken is here; my girlfriend deborah low is here; i want to thank my sister and brother who are watching. thank you for my siblings to encourage healthy diet, especially exercise. i want to also say that my campaign most of you know, i had to do a little bit more work than my college did. avalos and chiu. i am proud of that hard work that i and my grassroots, people powered campaign
Jan 8, 2013 6:30pm PST
commissioner norman yee. no supervisor. you give our people hope. i will say that malia cohen, would be the next president of the board of supervisors. supervisor kennedy and doris ward, they showed you what to do. good luck and god bless each of you. >> my name is michael -- i want to say welcome to the class of 2013. congratulations for making yourself available and here at city hall. second, i want to point out that two of the nominees need to have a legislative aide if they will be board president, if malia cohen and jane jim would need a third legislative aide. second, all three of the candidates are excellent leaders. i encourage them to two continue their leadership roles. i also encouraged i feel it's important the public process, people need to be included in the community process whether it's the various board committees. it is important to have committee chairs that allow the committee process to happen. this is an important part of city government to include public discussion and allowing people to talk. welcome class of 2013. thank you. >> president: thank you. next speaker
Jan 4, 2013 1:30pm PST
. >> commissioner mendoza? >> thank you. so norman, eight years goes by quickly, but the moments that i know that went by slowly and you have always been diligent and present and committed to your values. and i think your integrity speaks volumes and i think you will bring it over to city hall and i'm looking forward to working with you at city hall as well. i was thinking a little bit when i think about you and some of the pieces that i will miss. i will miss your salsa dancing, which i was never invited to, but i heard that you are every time we did have an opportunity whether it was here or in other cities, you managed to find salsa, because that is part of who you are. i think a lot about our time at harvard and the work we did alongside commissioner wynns. i think about your daughters and i think that those of us who are parents on the school board, there is a sacrifice that comes along with being in public service to our families. and to see your daughters doing as wonderfully and, as well as they are and coming into public service themselves, i think you have been an incredible role-model
Jan 30, 2013 10:30am PST
administration in southern california. it was norman lear and his wife, larry david, bob scheer. they were sitting around w eeping in their expensive soup about the fact that we were living in hell. rupert murdoch on the media. george bush was president. norman lear had his pulse on american culture for 30 years. why cannot figure out how to deal -- deliver a message that is important and happening? >> that is important. we can find messages that speak to people where they are. they can also have some satire like stewart or colbert. there is the idea of exposing with satire. it opens people's eyes to the hypocrisy and corruption of our politics. the problem is you want the captivating stories and images and vocabulary, but a lot of the colbert-stewart stuff is so absurd and over the top that people do not want to get engaged. >> that is where a large number of people get their news. >> i think the obama campaign was a pivotal point, bringing people in. now they leave. there is the possibility that people will come back in. i agree with that movements also have their problems. i think it is
Jan 14, 2013 3:30pm PST
supervisor norman yee. i was moved and impressed by your speech this morning supervisor breed, the passion you bring, intersection of our interests are great. i look forward to working with you for years to come. you and i are very like minded. i want to welcome norman yee to the board as weel; we go back a little bit. working with children advocacy. i welcome our relationship here, and moving forward. colleagues that i work with already, i want to say thank you for the wonderful opportunity i have had to serve review on the board of supervisors. while we might not have agreed on everything, i respect each and every one of you. i feel a lot of regard for each and every one of you. i have learned tremendous amount from each and every one of you. and this whole process of being in the board of supervisors for four years now, the first day of my second term, has been one of continuous education. i want to thank you for that. i want to introduce my family. i'm getting emotional. first off my beautiful wife karen cepeda [sounds like]. (applause) together we have two kids, renee and emiliana who
Jan 26, 2013 7:00am PST
norman fong has been praying for 20 years. he has been a great champion. he has to collect all of his efforts for so many years to make sure our communities were served well. he's been an advocate and director of the chinese development center, a center invaluable to the growth of our community to plan affordable housing, transit, to open space, to the care for our seniors. the reverend fong we have been recognizing your voice for wells fargo on the radio and we want to give recognition to your voice again as a champion for the central subway. come on up reverend norman fong. [applause] >> yeah, that's true. i am going to keep this short, but i also need your involvement. i was asked to do a blessing but those that know me we need to bless each other and today i just want you to say these four words. bless the central subway. say that. "bless the central subway". now, whenever i say this word "this is it" -- i am borrowing from michael jackson. then you did a blessing. okay. this has been the moment we all been waiting for. this is it. >> (inaudible). >> a community dream is being act
Jan 15, 2013 5:00pm PST
norman an outspoken critic of walmart is referring to the nationwide black friday protest where workers cited low wages, decreasing part-time hours and increasing healthcare costs. norman also says many walmart employees are forced into medi- cal with taxpayers footing the bill. >> i don't think it's attractive for veterans. >> reporter: wouldn't a job at walmart be better than no job? >> i think the upon the is that walmart needs to offer a decent job to everyone who walks through its doors. >> reporter: walmart did not respond to our request for comment on this criticism. but its ceo did say today that it's receiving praise from the white house for this move. and that it marks the beginning of a nationwide push to encourage more businesses to hire returning vets. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. >>> a new ad campaign is baring all to encourage families to get health insurance. the bold billboards popping up in the east bay. plus... >> we leave that image in people's minds of what it's like to do something unexpected. >> oh, yeah. the unexpected. and daring dance turning all t
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 194 (some duplicates have been removed)